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Walk into a book wherever you are

A smart and award winning (and Cannes Golden Lion Shortlisted) campaign to support e-reading, and the new Telekom online e-book store and e-book reader. The new txtr’ services has been introduced to the Hungarian market in September. The digitally  slightly premature market has to be convinced that reading can be the almost the same experience with the state of art new devices.

To make people discover reading again and show them the lightness and easiness to read whatever they like whenever they feel we have placed quotes of different novels all around the city. A dedicated sign with the given quote would raise the awareness while passers by could could read on through a dedicated wifi that allows free online browsing and also reading a chapter of the book.

With only a single click the book can also be purchased and saved to any smart devices.
This simple and highly cost-effective campaign was widely reported in Hungarian and foreign media, raised registrant numbers with 70% and also won Creative Awards in Hungary and abroad.

The whole launch was also supported by online banner campaign, and educative TV spots about e- reading.




Hipnózis 2014 – Other/Innovative Marketing Solutions – III. place

Aranypenge 2014 – Bronze





*as a senior advertising manager for Hungarian Telekom I was blessed to collaborate with some of the best creative agencies of the region and also enjoyed the backing of the management to develop activations which challenge the status quo, raise awareness and enforce and build the brand amongst existing and prospective consumers. 


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