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Festivalbuddy was developed to demonstrate the power of Hungary’s first and biggest 4G network.

The whole activity had run on 4G mobile network of Telekom, giving an unprecedented and unique sneak peak of the festival experiences to people no matter of their location. Telekom is a long standing committed official stream provider of the major festivals of Hungary, the Volt, Balaton Sound and Sziget. Apart from the concerts festivals are all about interaction, discovery and new acquaintances. Festivalbuddy people made possible for the festival goers to meet and get to know people on the outside world- and get them involved in their summertime fun. In overall almost 50hours of user generated live content was created, whereat the Telekom brand appeared organically throughout.

Follow the story here:

Bronze at LIA 2015

Shortlist at EPICA 2015





*as a senior advertising manager for Hungarian Telekom I was blessed to collaborate with some of the best creative agencies of the region and also enjoyed the backing of the management to develop activations which challenge the status quo, raise awareness and enforce and build the brand amongst existing and prospective consumers. 

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